LUX Venus

The Highest-Selling Vest of India

Seen as one of the oldest Companies in the Country, ‘Lux Industries’was successfully-founded by Late GirdharilaljiTodi in the year 1957 as ‘Biswanath Hosiery Mills’.

Thereafter, in the year 1995, ‘Lux Industries Limited’ came into existence. Over the period of years, the Company established itself as a leader in the Branded Inner Wear segment in India.

Hereafter, ‘Lux Industries Limited’ has come a long way, as an Indian Under-Wear Company, headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.  

The Firm product offerings included all kinds of Hosiery for Men, Women, and Children.

Interestingly, in the year 1993, ‘Lux Industries’ had launched ‘Lux Venus’ as its economy category product

And, today, as per “Our very-recent survey, ‘Lux Industries Ltd.’ – the largest mid-segment Hosiery set-up, ‘Lux Venus’ stands as the highest-selling Vest Brand of the Country”.

As far as its financial standings are concerned, in FY 2021-22, ‘Lux’ had sold 9.32 Cr. pcs. ‘Lux Venus’ products, 70% of the contributioncoming from Vests. 6.51 Cr. ‘Lux Venus’Vests were sold,i.e.approximately 2.4 lakh pcs. per day, taking it to the highest peak and making it the largest-selling Vest in its category in India.

Conversely, during 2018, ‘Lux Venus’ onboarded Big B Amitabh Bachchan as its Brand Ambassador for ‘Lux Venus’. Now in 2022, it has onboarded Salman Khan as the Brand Ambassador of ‘Lux Venus’. And the launch of ‘Lux Venus’ fresh-new TVC with the Bhai of India is much-awaited by all.